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It was clear, as I was redesigning The Harbinger's site, that it was lacking a more personal, voice-driven option to connect to its readers. I paused the podcast I was listening to, realizing our publication would benefit greatly from the same medium — the perfect blend of easy access and low "work" for the listener or reader. 

After connecting an RSS feed to both Spotify and Apple Music, The Harbinger Podcast serves as a vessel for staffers to journalistically compile their own thoughts, interviews and claims (whether anecdotally structured or evidence-based) — and spread on heavily-used platforms that cater to the listener. 

So far, The Harbinger Podcast has been successful with over 4,000 streams, over 300 consistent listeners and 4 repeated series over the course of August-December 2019. But there could be many, many more — so the thought process of how to most readily and efficiently expand is one that frequents my mind. 

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