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Senior Editor
Ann Arbor, MI

Midwestern Citizen is an undergraduate journal of policy, law and society with 42 writers and editors from universities across the Midwest, Great Plains, and adjacent areas in the U.S.


The journal is consistently one of the most-read nonpartisan undergraduate publications in the country.

As Senior Editor, I edit a variety of articles each week that are published on the website and discuss goals on the editorial board. 

Click here to read my recent essays published with Midwestern Citizen. 

What I do (day-to-day)
  • Edit four law or policy essays per week from the 42-writer staff of a regional undergraduate law and policy journal

  • Assess journal-wide issues on the MC Editorial Board, such as promotion methods, symposia involving law and policy 

  • Nurture ideas and staff writing to spur growth of writers (rather than simply changing articles) 

  • Research topics involved in each edited piece to ensure facts are accurate, not misleading 

  • Collaborate to instill motivation among writers, support them in their goals to move upward on staff

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Click either image to read one of my essays on the Midwestern Citizen site

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