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The entire college admissions process is tedious. There's always more you can do, more you can perfect, more you can polish. You're never truly ready to submit an application until you're completely satisfied with what you have. But probably the most polished piece you'll submit is the college essay, and supplemental essays along with them. It's worth spending every minute you have on them.  

A college essay is an interview with you and the admissions office, an opportunity to showcase exactly who you are and why you're that way. It's a specific, very specific, glimpse into a part of your life that can be extrapolated to represent your uniqueness and potential. But that's a tough thing to encapsulate in 600 words. 

I'm offering college essay tutoring and advising for a fraction of what most other tutors charge. I've been through this process and learned to tame the beast of essay writing, breaking it down bit by bit until you have the best presentation of yourself that you can. And my goal is never to write the essay for you ⁠— it's to offer structure and assist you in better crafting your story in any way you can. See options and prices below! 



Brainstorm. We can do this together, or if you've already found ideas we can discuss them.


Layout. Here's where we talk through how best to format your essay, what comes first and last, which ideas stay and which ones hit the cutting room floor. 


Write. Here's where you'll attempt a draft, feel it out and see how it goes.


Revise. I'll edit the piece on a grammatical, structural and ideas standpoint. (Your voice and writing style are yours, and that shouldn't be changed!). 


Return. You'll return to the piece and make changes based on my revisions and our discussion, as you see fit. (Depending on how many revisions you need, steps 3-6 can be repeated, custom time can be added)


Finish! This is where the polishing and last discussions occur. Any repetitions of steps, or whatever needs to happen to get you the best essay you can write, occurs here. 


- Standard Package ($100) 

  • three hours minimum time spent 

  • full feedback with digital comments via Google Docs 

  • guaranteed help with several essay drafts

  • suggested video/phone call time to discuss

- Custom Time & Service ($40/hr)

  • time for any form of assistance with essay

  • if there are multiple essays, and you only want help with parts of them or help with one aspect of the essay, consider this option 

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