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Advertising Coursework

Beyond my professional experience, I've spent time putting together ads and campaigns in my coursework and beyond. Below, see some of the campaigns I've built myself, and one that I built with a team. 

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Levi's: "Homegrown Series"

The Homegrown Series campaign features a new product line of Levi’s 501 jeans that are specially crafted by musical hometown heroes to highlight the essential features of U.S. cities. Ads in this campaign focus on the musicians and their origin stories with Levi’s 501s as a means to pay homage. 

Levi's Print Ad 3.png

Print Ad 1

'Jersey against the world' 

Levi's Print Ad 1 (Final 2).png

Print Ad 2

'Put on for your city' 

Levi's Print Ad 2 (Final 1).png

Print Ad 3

'Wear the blues' 


'Homegrown Series' Concert Pop-up Store

  • Details: 

    • The Levi’s pop-up store would be placed across from the merchandise carts and concessions in a separate area. 

    • The pop-up store would unfold from the sides out of a standard 48’ x 102’ semi trailer once parked. 

    • Store would have outlines on walls and unfolded inner walls for artist-specific branding that can be replaced depending on which artist is featured. 

    • First placement at Christone “Kingfish” Ingram concert in Clarksdale, MS. 

  • Goals for pop-up store: 

    • Highlight different Levi’s Homegrown Series limited edition jeans at concerts featuring artists who were involved in the development of the products. 

    • Tie Levi’s jeans to feelings of connection through common origin, which are associated with larger feelings of appreciating one’s personal history and origin story. 

  • Goals for event: 

    • Showcase Levi’s Homegrown Series ‘Clarksdale 501’ as a limited edition item. 

    • Branding would explain the process of developing the jeans, working with Ingram to develop the specific features. 

    • Tie Levi’s to the blues movement in Clarksdale, which follows a similar “back to the tried and true” mission.

Sally Hansen

The situation analysis and campaign pitch slide deck below are the result of my account management class's group work. I knew nothing about nail polish or cosmetics going in, which challenged me to approach the work with a fresh mind. 

Sally Hansen

Situation Analysis

Sally Hansen

Campaign pitch

Burger King: "King of Crossovers" campaign

The “King of Crossovers” campaign highlights one of Burger King’s comparative strengths — its unique crossover products. This one was more for fun, but I took burgers as seriously as I could. 

BK Print Ad 1 (Final 1).png

Print Ad 1

'The best things are 
happy accidents' 

BK Print Ad 2 (Final 1) (1).png

Print Ad 2

'Croissants just got 
even better.' 

BK Print Ad 3 (Final 1) .png

Print Ad 3

'Hershey's Sundae Pie'

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