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Ben Henschel


I've been a cross between a roadrunner and an overthinker for a long time now. That mixture and my choice to lean into it began as a crutch, but grew to be my greatest strength. I distance myself from excuses, do little without intention, and live most fully in the midst of meaningful work. 

I am a senior at the University of Missouri majoring in Journalism (Strategic Communication) and Constitutional Democracy, with minors in History and Economics. The mixture is eclectic, but not random—each area of study and practice has prepared me to approach research, writing, editing, and strategy with a multifaceted perspective. 

At every point over the last three years, I've worked in roles that deal with law and advertising. I believe the two disciplines complement each other. They're two disciplines that many of my family members are skeptical of—there's a continuing history of lawyers and ad folks leaning more into deception than well-meaning persuasion and argumentation.


But that slippery slope is precisely why I'm interested in these disciplines. The world has plenty of incredible lawyers and strategic communicators whose work is shaped by the desire to emotionally move and physically help people. I am determined to join them in their efforts. 

For now, though, I'm finishing my time at Mizzou building experience and learning all I can. Please click here to read about some of my experience, and click here to see some of what I've produced in my coursework.


Beyond the classroom, I enjoy writing essays on legal analysis and music. Click here to read some of my recently published work, and please feel free to browse my website for other content that might interest you. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to me via email or the chat box on this page if I can be of any assistance to you. 

Be well, 


Ben Henschel AASB
Ben Henschel in front of SMSD Board of Education.
Ben Henschel, AASB, Senior Sendoff 2023
Ben Henschel
Ben Henschel mizzou
Ben Henschel account management
Ben Henschel
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