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I've spent most of my time on in-depth news, live broadcasting sports and rolling local news reporting — but op-eds provide a valuable opportunity to express my opinion and focus my research to my own topics of interest. 

Op-eds allow me to exhaust the (very) opinionated side of my brain with thought-out takes on my interests, from social issues to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I develop them through a constant intake of current events and discussions with my classmates on issues that matter to them. 

Reviews are nearly as exhilerating — rather than talking my family's ears off about my stances on music and films, I develop and hone in the criticism in a form that can reach a wider, more targeted audience.


After a government-issued report on the future risks associated with climate change was quietly released by the White House — in the past, briefings were issued for such reports — a dialogue was sparked when individuals brought the damning details into question.


As part of The Harbinger's 'Global Warning' special section, I wrote an op-ed criticizing the Trump administration's handling of the report and climate change as a whole. 

It generated some buzz among readers and I recorded a podcast to eventually attach to the project as a result. 

Trumping Climate

WOT featimg.2.jpg

As one of my first and most successful op-eds, this one explored the importance of the media to the welfare of the American constituency.


The story laid out examples both news and old to scale the magnitude of the press's importance — and was published in the midst of a slew of ham-handed attacks on the press from recently elected public officials.

The War On Truth

*Honorable Mention JEMKC Opinion Story 2018


The Kavanaugh trial was as divisive a time in national political discourse as there had been over the last half-decade. This staff editorial presented The Harbinger's position on the Kavanaugh situation and the importance of the trial in the progression for #MeToo.

The piece answered not whether Kavanaugh should have been confirmed as a justice, but rather the possibility and importance of a #MeToo surge after an announcement was made. 

Ready For Change? #MeToo


ftimages-notajoke copy.jpg

'Joker': A jolting Joaquin Phoenix character study with a lot to unpack

'Joker' was a movie that polarized its audience. A substantial number of critics took it as a bland character study that did little in the way of thematic presence.


I felt the work was more a reflection of how the darkest, most maniacal comic book villain of all time could thrive in a world just a shot away from ours. 


My first story! I knew I'd want to write it as soon as I threw my hat to the ground after watching a bad call against my favorite team — except it didn't land on the floor. The metal size adjuster on the back of it hit the brand new television in front of me, and moved most of my lawn mowing earnings to the bill for buying a replacement. 

This is a critique on modern-day refereeing and the line between justifiable criticism and angry ranting without substance. The article is far from perfect, but that's why it's one of my favorites. It reminds me that each article I write can always be better. 

Questionable Calls, Frustrated Fans and a Broken Television

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