As Online Editor-in-Chief, I'm responsible for our site's web design and publishing — and with the job, I've gained proficiency in a number of important online priorities: social media promotion, website interactivity and story placement among them. The main thing I've learned? It doesn't cut it anymore to simply upload a story. 

To amplify the possibilities as we redesigned The Harbinger's website, we took several specific steps to increase a few main factors: interactability, robust use and logistical formatting. The skills I've learned with web design will factor into whichever field I find myself moving into in life, given the intense emphasis on digital setups and webpages that each field now requires. 

The site was recently announced as a 2020 NSPA Pacemaker Award finalist. Below you'll find my process and specific points where I changed parts of the website to more adequately serve our readers. 

Scroll down within the white box to see my changes to The Harbinger's home page.

Scroll down within the box to see my changes to The Harbinger's category pages.