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Marketing & Media Intern
Columbia, MO & Tempe, AZ

Starting Points Journal is an online academic publication focusing on issues of political theory, history, law, and public discourse supported by the School of Economic Thought and Leadership at Arizona State University.


My work supported the day-to-day needs and expansion of Starting Points. This included setting goals and building roadmaps for social media expansion and upkeep, reaching out to potential authors, and coordinating with the editorial process. 


I spent much of my time checking recent book publications in major academic presses and gauging whether authors would benefit from publishing an essay derived from their book. These essays worked to make complex academic ideas accessible in smaller portions, and my first task each day was to find the right authors for the job. 


The rest of my time was spent improving our newsletter and integrating Starting Points brand elements within our promotional material. I'm no designer, but I designed anyway. I'm grateful that this role allowed me to expand what I previously considered to be my own rigid professional limits. 

Below the 'What I did' section, please see some of the work I developed with Starting Points. 

What I did (day-to-day)
  • Communicated with dozens of authors, handled essay drafts to coordinate with editors 

  • Ran social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram), led digital marketing strategy

  • Wrote biweekly newsletter with 3,000+ subscribers to connect readers with new material 

  • Formatted article featured images, introduced branded elements into promotional material

Media plan slide deck I created/presented to connect SP more meaningfully to readers
Symposium on Madisonian political thought I helped develop/recruit academic writers for (scroll through)
Example of a newsletter I wrote, sent to 3,000+ subscribers
individualsascitizens.madisonsymposium.squareimg copy.jpg
originalismahollowcore.squarefeatimg copy.jpg
Each Starting Points essay comes with its own set of featured images and branded elements that I helped develop.
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