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Account Manager
Columbia, MO

MOJO Ad is a full-service, student-led advertising agency of three teams staffed by hand-picked students from the University of Missouri. The agency specializes in the youth and young adult market (18-24, nicknamed "YAYA"), bringing on an international client in the fall semester and creating the State of the YAYA market report in the spring semester. 

This fall, MOJO was contracted by Wilson Sporting Goods to tie together modern techniques and extend Wilson's apparel line to an audience that mostly knows them for their high-quality sporting goods and equipment. This presented a few issues, the largest of which I found to be: If people know and trust Wilson as a sporting goods and equipment company, how can they meaningfully introduce apparel in a way that truly competes in the category? 


I worked as Account Manager for Team Verve to deliver on Wilson's ask. Specifically, I led a team of eleven to develop secondary research, create an integrated media plan, produce a full plan book, and present an integrated ad campaign to members of the Wilson team. This involved leading strategy, overseeing integrated plan and creative teams, coordinating a rigid five-month campaign development process, and organizing internal team structures. 

Here's where we arrived. Verve developed the Wilson Life campaign to draw upon a truth: many 18-24 year olds grew up playing (and shaped by) sports. And now, even as they've moved on from competitive teams, they approach their pursuits — job interviews, hobbies to chase, goals small and large — with the same deep breaths and determination they once brought to their little league games. Wilson Life is about how the inner athlete continues to pursue excellence, even if they've put the mitt down. 


See some of our campaign elements below

Presentation to Wilson Sporting Goods 
Team Verve
Watch our full presentation to Wilson here.
The Plan Book
Design by Audrey Badgerow, Copy by Anna Poppe 
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Social media
Design by Julia Foster, Copy by Elise Vahle, Strategy by Team Verve
Wilson Life Instagram Feed.png
Wilson Life X Wilson Collaborative Post - Wilson Life Launch Reel.png
Photos by Izzy Roberts
Hall of Wilson event
Design by Julia Foster and Audrey Badgerow, Copy by Elise Vahle, Strategy by Team Verve
Hall of Wilson Experential Marketing - Signage and Badge.png
HOW Floor Plan.png
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