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Journalism (Strategic Communication) & Constitutional Democracy Student
Columbia, MO

My time at the University of Missouri — as a student studying Journalism (Strategic Communication) and Constitutional Democracy, with a minor in History — is largely spent dealing with law and advertising. Studying and practicing these two disciplines have allowed me to develop a toolset and intuition that, in my mind, pairs the best parts of the two. 

I like to think my strengths within these disciplines strengthen each other. With respect to law, I've developed skills in writing and research that have allowed me to examine interesting legal questions such as the origins of the German constitution and the NAACP's legal strategy in Brown v. Board of Education I &II. My experience in advertising built up my ability to write concisely, think creatively, break down a request into deliverable goals, and actualize ideas.


Four years of this development allows me to approach legal writing with concision and a creative impulse to ditch legalese and opt instead for more interesting, engaging language. On the flip side, I approach advertising campaigns with an attention to detail shaped by hours in the library making sure each conclusion on a legal topic is well-founded — or, for instance, an approach to mapping out a client's competitor advertising that draws upon a similar impulse to fully understand the precedent of any situation. 

Below, you'll find my work in law and advertising separated. But I ask that you think about these the way I do: intertwined, with my approach to one discipline shaped too by my experience with the other. 

Click either box to see some of my coursework related to law or advertising.
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