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Falls Church, VA

Pinkston website (scroll through)

I spent time as an intern at Pinkston pitching national and regional media, writing newsletters and op-eds for clients and building relationships with national and regional journalists.


I was tasked with quickly learning, then fully understanding various fields—Oklahoma state politics, the logistics of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and how it was situated to be legally challenged.


I was able to obtain hits from national publications such as USA Today and Bloomberg Law from pitching and relationship-building, which began with industry-specific research. 

My ability to discuss the details of my work is limited, but please reach out to learn ore about my work for Pinkston. 

What I did (day-to-day)
  • Pitched national and regional media, gained hits from major publications such as USA Today and Bloomberg Law 

  • Helped coordinate a national immigration press conference with over 40 attendants, leading to 15 published articles within 24 hours 

  • Tracked legislation and court activity to build media awareness strategies about legal protection of DREAMERs  

  • Wrote op-eds and press releases for a solar energy company 

  • Built proficiency in Cision/PR Newswire 

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