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University of Missouri | Journalism, Law & Institutions Majors (Pre-Law)
2019-20 Kansas Student Journalist of the Year (KSPA)
         International Journalist of the Year Runner-Up (YJI)
         National Journalist of the Year Runner-Up (NSPA)
         Kansas Writer of the Year  (KSPA)


I appreciate you visiting my portfolio site. Here you'll see my journalistic and advocacy efforts aimed at topics that bring social issues to the forefront, at stories that incite change in meaningful ways and at the less conventional experience of American students. 

I worked as a student journalist on The Shawnee Mission East Harbinger for two years in variety of ways — in-depth and local news reporting, live sports production, sports anchoring, video production and podcasting among them. The experience I gained from these efforts, detailed on this site, has profoundly shaped the way I see and attempt to impact the world around me. 


Along with studying to attain Journalism and Law & Institutions majors at the University of Missouri with a Pre-Law track at the Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy, I'm taking a shot at an iOS application on D.C. tourism, running a lawn mowing business, managing a multi-writer blog, interning at Starting Points Journal and the Kinder Institute, working as a strategist for Relevant Youth, and providing college essay tutoring services. None of my ventures would be possible without the great help of my friends, colleagues and cohorts who support me through it all. 

I enjoy collaborating to solve problems and develop ideas in a variety of ways, whether it involves law, advertising, business or journalism. Please don't hesitate to reach out and connect. 

You can reach me at and view additional links at my LinkTree. 


A photo of a co-anchor Alex Dinyer (left) and I (right) anchoring a football game. Our live broadcast format allows us to promote and livestream sports games with our own coverage. 


A photo from an interview with Shawnee Mission School District Superintendent Dr. Mike Fulton. The conversation revolved around the teacher contract negotiations that the district had been in for nearly a year.


Still of former South Bend mayor and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and Henschel I after a discussion ahead of a crowd of his supporters. The reporting was part of his impromptu coverage of the 2020 Democratic candidates' campaigning in Cedar Rapids, IA. (Shadow Fox Photography)


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